Raising the Bar for QuadTone RIP Profiles (again)

Introducing QuickCurve-K3 for Easy QuadTone RIP Calibration and Toner Curves

I just released a new QuadTone RIP profiling and linearization system for Epson printers using the standard Epson K3 inks. This new system is compatible with both the older Stylus Pro printers with 8 or 10 inks, as well as the new Sure Color printers. 

The new system is the counterpart to the QuicKCurve system for digital negatives. The new tools expand on the idea of a flexible set of customized starter ink curves and an integrated linearization system to incorporate the seven common toning styles to change the print hue, with options to customize the toner curve percentages for different paper bases.

Want to see it in action?

I recorded a live screencast using the new system and go into lots of detail about efficiently using Print Tool for printing the calibration targets, exporting and installing the starter curves, measuring with the i1 Pro and SpyderPrint colorimeters (there were some USB cable issues so I did the actual measurements with the i1 Pro), and testing the final linearization with a test image. I also go into some detail about how to use the new Data Tool macOS app Roy Harrington just released (including how to fix a small bug in ICC profile export).