My passion is printing black and white, and have spent considerable time profiling and calibrating the different printers for a number of media and ink combinations to meet the needs photographers might have for their images. I prefer to work directly with photographers when processing and preparing their images to print and work to get a paper and print color that best matches the rest of their work.

Inkjet Printing Services

Print Size Price of 1st Print Each Additional Print
8.5x11 Inches $17.50 $13
11x14 Inches $34 $25
17x22 Inches $65 $50
24x30 Inches $120 $95
32x44 Inches $235 $175
44x56 Inches $340 $300
44x80 Inches $475 $400

Printers, Papers, and INks

I run a variety of customized printers to accommodate a wide range of papers and ink options. This goes way beyond the standard off-the-shelf Piezography setups and includes customized ink blends, and a unique 5 Black plus CMY printer for infinite toning options. I am happy to discuss your work and what would be most appropriate for your needs. Please use the from below and we can come up with a solution that is right for you. 


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