Live Screencast Retouching Edward Weston Scans for Offset Printing

I'm testing out an idea for live screencasts of retouching work I do on my own images, and some work I do for a few clients.

Since I am working through retouching twelve Edward Weston photographs for an upcoming book I thought it would be a good way to kick off the series. 

The photographs I'm working on are from his Fiftieth Anniversary Portfolio. Arizona's Center for Creative Photography houses the Edward Weston Archive and provided the publisher the scans. It's my job to clean them up and get them ready to send to the printer to make their proprietary quad tone separations.

Here's a short sped up version of some a video I did yesterday. I have to warn you; there are a lot of spots, but you can learn how to get through them quickly without killing image detail. Plus I'll go through some tonal editing and optimization for making the separations. 

Tune in today at 3PM Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), UTC -4 or check back at my YouTube channel for the archived broadcast. 

Preview of my live screencast where I'll be retouching Edward Weston scans for an upcoming book by Lodima Press. Please hit the subscribe button to be notified of upcoming live screencasts and new videos. 

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