New QuadToneRIP profiling tools to allow for easy calibration with up to eight gray ink dilutions, including powerful options for toning inks, and updated advanced linearization tools. 

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Automated QuadTONE Rip Curve Creation

These new QuadToneRIP tools take what was possible with the deluxe tools and raise them to a whole new level. The profiling process automated even more of the process and bypasses the QTR curve creation program using ink descriptor files altogether.

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Customize Any Ink Set

The profiler works best with 4-7 gray inks with the ability to use gray or color toner inks for an infinite range of print hues when printing through QuadToneRIP.

The automatic ink limit and partitioning formulas will balance and evenly divide the grayscale to maximize the benefit of using the multiple gray inks. 


New Gray Balancing Tools

Along with the addition of the toning inks, the new Gray Balance tool allows you to shape the ratio of up to two toner inks to map to a specific range of Lab a* or b* values. The behind the scenes formulas use the color of the gray inks and the toned inks to produce the output hue for each step in the grayscale. This allows for easy neutralization of the color of warm pure carbon inks using a mix of Cyan and Magenta inks or a singe Blue channel popular with those using Paul Roark's ink set recommendations. 

Updated advanced Linearization Tools

The new profiling system integrates the linearization into the main profiler application to speed up the calibration process. There is still a standalone QuadLin linearization tool for relineiarzation of existing quad curves, and to linearize the toner profiles. 

The updated linearization tools allow for linearization with either 21 or 51 step measurement data. The behind the scenes formulas will interpolate the original data into 129 steps for the actual linearization calculations. The addition of an updated measurement data smoothing option produces even smoothing curves than the previous version.

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  • The Main Profiling Template with my Exclusive Automated Partitioning and Linearization Formulas

  •  Toning and Gray Balance Tools

  • Standalone Advanced Linearization Tools

  •  Photoshop Actions for Formatting the Ink Calibration Targets

  •  Measurement Data Averaging and Error Correction Tools

  •  40 Pages of Detailed Instructions with Illustration

  •  25 Additional Pages of QTR specific material

  •  1 Year of Email Support and Updates


  • The Macro Enabled Spreadsheet tools requires Microsoft Excel 2011 or newer. I prefer Excel for Mac 2011 (14.1)
  • Adobe Photoshop CS4 or newer for the actions to format the calibration images. I am all in on Adobe CC and it works with the latest version. 
  • X-Rite ColorPort (free download) to generate the calibration images
  • A measurement device and software (i1 Pro, ColorMunki, and SpyderPrint compatible).
  • QuadTone RIP to serve as the print driver for macOS or QTRgui for Windows
  • PrintTool (on macOS) for printing the calibration images without color management and easier printing in general