As a photographer and printmaker I know the feeling holding a print in your hands and being fully satisfied. It goes deeper than just a nice looking print. It is the realization of a personal vision that brings that satisfaction. I also know how frustrating it can be to hold something in your hands that falls short of that realization. I have worked for severally years discovering and refining the things that have allowed me to create work that is truly satisfying to me, and now I want to teach photographers the tools to reach the full potential of their vision as well.


Richard Boutwell, originally from the High Desert of Southern California, lives and works as a photographer and printmaker in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Instead of pursuing a  traditional academic education in photography, Boutwell relocated to Bucks County, Pennsylvania in 2002 for an intensive apprenticeship with the photographers Michael A. Smith and Paula Chamlee. He worked closely with them in the field and darkroom, absorbing as much as possible, while independently studying the historic and theoretical aspects of the medium. His photographs have been included in national and international group exhibitions and are in a number of public and private collections.


Your support allows me to take the time to test and report on new developments in equipment and techniques to create free content to help photographers like you. 

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