New for 2018 - QuadToneProfiler-Pro

I just released a whole a new set of profiling tools for people using custom ink sets with more than 4 gray inks with the ability to add toner curves with even more control than before.  

The new tools use my own partitioning formulas and generate the quad curves internally from measurements of the ink calibration image instead of needing to generate curves from the ink descriptor file—the result is a set of quad curves that are much more gentle than what the QTR partitioning formula creates, with options of smoothing and reshaping even further. The workflow is pretty similar to my digital negative profiler, but the math is specific to positive inkjet prints. 

The coolest part (to me) is a set of tools I made for adding and adjusting the ratio of toning inks, along with a system for targeting a range of a* or b* values based on the color of the gray inks only and the toning inks. I've been able to neutralize a pure Piezography K6 carbon inkset with Lm and Lc, and make a whole range of tones with my K5 warm neutral with Lm, Lc, and Y. This is also ideal for people using Paul Roark's single blue channel variable tone ink set recommendations. 

The new system also includes the linearization formulas without needing to use the linearize-quad app. I've also added an option to use either 21 or 51 steps (which are then internally interpolated to 129 for the linearization calculations) and added some updated smoothing option as well (for people who can't use Data Tool).

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 11.48.22 PM.png

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