Washington Oaks, Florida, 2013 - Carbon Pigment Print

L1000252-RB-Capture1 2-Final Edit-1800px.jpg
L1000252-RB-Capture1 2-Final Edit-1800px.jpg

Washington Oaks, Florida, 2013 - Carbon Pigment Print

from 25.00

Specially priced example print made with the techniques detailed in specific blog posts

Available in two editions

— 5.5"x9" signed and un-numbered print on 8.5"x11" paper
—12"x20"  limited to an edition of 15 signed and numbered prints

Printed on Museo Portfolio Rag with a custom six gray ink blend of Jon Cone Piezography Carbon inks and STS Matte Black for additional density using my unique QuadToneRip profiling process. 

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There is a long history of photographers offering select prints at special discounted prices for students and others who might not be able to acquire limited-edition photographs at normal prices. This series of example prints follows in that tradition, and demonstrates how actual prints look when using the techniques discussed on this site. I use most of these techniques on a regular basis, both in my own work and in the work I do retouching and printing for other clients. 

Many of the prints in this ongoing series are photographs that may not fit into a particular series or project, but are excellent representations of my artistic vision and attention to fine print quality. This special offer allows viewers to see work that might not otherwise be shown. In addition to the opportunity of owning a high-quality original photograph, purchasing a print from this series is a way to help fund the continuation of these kinds of detailed posts on specific techniques.

Because it is all about the print

The goal is to demonstrate how each part of the process contributes to the exquisite quality of the final print.  These photographs are created with the editing techniques addressed in the featured workflow, and are made with the same materials used in making my exhibition prints. All the prints sold in this series are on smooth fine-art cotton papers with a six dilution carbon pigment ink set and a combination of my own profiling process and modification of the Piezography profiles for these inks. If you have ever wondered what the Piezography difference is, here is an opportunity to see it in action. 

Your Choice of Presentation
— Print Only, Mounted and Overmatted, Framed, or Framed Large Format Collector's Edition Print

All prints are signed and dated on the front and titled on the back. 
With this series you also have the choice of presentation options:

Print Only

The 5.5"x9" print on 8 1/5"x11" paper will come with a slip sheet in a protective Mylar and heavy cardboard shipping envelope for $25 (+ $7 for shipping within the United States. Please contact me for shipping options outside the U.S.)

Mounted and Overmatted — BEST VALUE

For an additional $10 the print will be mounted and overmatted with 13"x15" 2-ply ArtCare AlphaRag archival all rag matboard. This option gives a more formal presentation and an added level of long-term protection against damage from handling and atmospheric pollutants. ($35 +$10 for shipping).

Framed Print

For $75 the print will arrive framed and ready to hang on your wall. The print will be mounted and overmatted with the same ArtCare AlphaRag matboard, with an additional layer of backing of Artcare AlphaRag foamcore in the frame. The frame is an elegant anodized metal frame with acrylic glazing for protection during shipping and for acrylic's UV blocking qualities. 

Large Format Limited Edition Framed Print

This photograph is also is being offered in a special edition of 15 signed and numbered 12"x20" prints on 17"x22" heavy cotton fine art paper for $350. This larger size shows the incredible detail and tonal range of the Leica M Monochrome when processed and printed with the techniques detailed in these two posts. In addition to the additional care in printing with the larger paper and Piezography 100% Carbon pigment ink set, the photographs in this edition are mounted, overmatted, and framed to 20"x28" with 4-ply Artcare AlphaRag archival all-rag matboard. They are framed with a deeper anodized metal frame better suited to the larger print, and with thicker UV-blocking acrylic glazing.