One-On-One Instruction: 3 Session Block

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One-On-One Instruction: 3 Session Block


Beginning through Advanced Digital Black and White Editing and Printing Techniques

Individualized private Photoshop instruction from the comfort of your own home.


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The courses are structured around three lesson blocks lasting 75 minutes per lesson and scheduled at a regular intervals, usually once every week or every other week. This allows the student to absorb and practice the editing techniques from the previous lesson and then quickly advance to the more advanced editing methods.

For the beginning students the first few lessons focus around getting familiar with the Photoshop and RAW Developer interfaces, and key digital editing concepts like file types, input and output resolutions for print or web, bit-depth, basic image adjustment methods, and layers and masks. Then we dive a little deeper into basic image evaluation and editing workflows. 

Later lessons I start to introduce how I approach working on different kinds images, using either examples of my own work or images you provide,  with emphasis on detailed aspects of using adjustment layers and layer masks in ways that emulates some of the techniques from the traditional darkroom. Future lessons might focus on any questions or problems with specific editing situations you may have.

This series of lessons can go on as long as necessary, but my goal isn't to just show students a set of presets or standard series of workflows, nor make this a long-term endeavor. The idea of this one-on-one course is to establish a framework for how to evaluate and edit your own images based on your personal aesthetic and photographic influences, based on exacting image quality standards.

Since this is more of an approach to digital black and white editing it doesn't exactly matter what equipment you already own or how your previous pictures were made, although some of that might limit the extent any the possible edits as well as inform how you photograph in the future.

The introductory rate is $125 for prepaid blocks of three lessons, and if you are not satisfied after the first lesson then I will refund you in full with no questions asked and no hard feelings.