Milano, 2008

Richard Boutwell_Milan 5_.jpg
Richard Boutwell_Milan 5_.jpg

Milano, 2008

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7.5"x7.5" Carbon Pigment Print
Mounted and Overmatted to 13x15 inches — Also available framed

12"x12" Carbon Pigment Print
Mounted, Overmatted, and Framed to 18x22 inches

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Most of my personal fine-art work I regularly show is all project-based, and there are hundreds of pictures in my files that I have made over the years that don't exactly fit in one of those "series" or "projects" are never seen, or that I never made a priority to print.

Now that I have been scanning and making enlarged negatives for platinum/palladium printing and original inkjet prints, I have been returning to some of the older work, and, in many cases, printing negatives for the first time.

As a way to bring some of these images out into the light, I have been featuring these unseen pictures as stand alone prints to introduce my work to new viewers and collectors.