curve creation and linearization tools
for Epson UltraChrome K3 Print

These new self-contained QuadToneRIP tools allow for easy toner profile creation and linearization. The built in starter curves are compatible with all standard UltraChrome K3 printers and ink sets, including the new SureColor Printers. 

Now available as a powerful native macOS application

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QuickCurve-K3 Starter Curve.png

Premade Curves for SeveN Common Toning Profiles

The shape of the pre-made starter curves are designed for easy linearization with the built-in tools, and allow them to be compatible with both the Stylus Pro and Sure Color printers. They do not require any manual calculation or the need to compile QTR-curves from ink descriptor files.


Easily control the Black ink Limit

The default black ink levels ensure deep rich blacks without losing detail, but the ink limit controls allow for easily modifying the total ink limit for a wide range of papers. 

The Ink balancing system prevents to added color toner inks from overloading the paper and prevents excessive ink bleed and pooling

Simple Biult-in Linearization tools

Linearization is done with a standard 21-step target.

The behind the scenes smoothing and linearization functions shift the final quad curves to the needed levels for perfectly smooth prints.

The stand-alone linearization system allows you to reshape and preview the final quad curves without any additional need for the standard QuadToneRIP tools.

Easily export the linearized curves with a single button and get on with the real printing. 


  • Windows and macOS compatible

  • QuadToneRIP for the print driver for either macOS or Windows

  • Microsoft Excel 2011+ (macOS requires Excel 14.1)

  • Epson Printer with UltraChromeK3 inks (StylusPro or SureColor series)

  • Way of measuring the printed targets (Scanner and Photoshop, i1 Pro, SpyderPrint, ColorMunki, or manual reflective densitometer)

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