This 2-day workshop is designed for photographers demanding more from their prints. This is for people who are not satisfied with the results using standard printer settings or profiles provided by the paper manufacturers.

Those settings are meant to get acceptable results for the average photographer, which can be frustrating to the people who are never satisfied with just the average, acceptable print. Quad Tone Rip (QTR) is an inexpensive yet powerful print driver that allows you to finely control the inks used and allow the user to print with third party multi-grey inksets to achieve black and white print qualities not possible with the OEM settings or stand color managed CMYK print modes.

QTR included a few bundled profiles, and documentation for creating your own custom profiles with you rinks and papers. In the last 5 years of developing profiles for myself and clients I have designed an efficient method for calibrating and linearizing the printer, inks, and paper based the built in QTR tools, and some I developed personally. 

I take you step-by-step through my process to develop a set of profiles for your favorite paper and how to use my workflow with affordable and readily available tools. 

We will also compare different printing methods, inks, and papers to help you settle on the best options for your own work, then begin to discuss storage and display of finished work. 

Topics will include:

  • Brief Introduction to Inkjet Technology and Epson Printers.

  • Learning to see the differences between prints and develop the vocabulary to describe print quality

  • Printers, Papers, Inks, and Color Management for Digital Black and White

  • Easily Build Multi-Grey and Toning Profiles Using my Unique Methods and Software

  • Optimizing Your Finished Files for Printings—Sizing and Sharpening

  • Museum-Quality Mounting and Framing

  • In-Depth Print Critiques

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