QuadToneProfiler — Deluxe Edition

QuadSmoothing Interface.png
QuadSmoothing Interface.png

QuadToneProfiler — Deluxe Edition


QuadToneProfiler — Deluxe Edition 

Includes all the Standard Edition tools and templates plus additional features for smoothing QTR-generated .quad files and the QuadLin relinearization tools

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QuadSmoothing Version 1.3 Support for 10-channel Printers Black boost options for increasing ink load in the shadows Improved ink load balancing Option to smooth only the Epson K3 Inks for existing UltraChromeK3 QTR Curves leaving the toner inks unchanged.

QuadLin Version 1.1 Now Supports 10-channel Printers


  • Automated Profiling Tools (version 1.3)
  • Quad Curve Smoothing and Reshaping Tools (version 1.3)
  • QuadLin (version 1.1)
  • Macro Enabled Excel Workbooks for advacned linearization of exisiting .quad files
  • Customized 51-step targets and tools for averaging multiple samples per patch
  • Built in options for smoothing noisy measurement data
  • Advanced manual control for output density curves
  • Preview of the final linearized .quad curves in real time
  • One year of free upgrades
  • Windows and macOS compatible*

requires Microsoft Excel 2010 or later Can not be used to create digital negatives