QuadToneProfiler-Target Generator

A new native macOS utility for creating grayscale and QuadToneRIP Ink Calibration Images

QuadToneProfiler-TargetGenerator Interface.jpg

Grayscale Target Creation - (Beta)

Create a non-color managed evenly spaced grayscale target with any number of patches. Future versions will export multiple patches for each value and a CGATS reference files for averaging and resorting random patch layouts.

Ink Calibration IMage Creation

Make QuadToneRIP ink separation images with any number and order of inks with global or unique ink limits. This allows you to print all your inks with a single or custom ink limit with the QuadToneRIP Calibration mode ink limit set to 100.

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Instructions for
QuadToneProfiler-Pro Excel Users

Open the Target Generator app and click the button at the top for the Ink Separation Image Generator

  • List the inks from darkest to lightest dilutions for your ink set as they are listed in sheet 1 of the Excel profiler.

    • Set the limit for each ink based on the numbers from sheet 2 of the Excel profiler.

    • Press the button to save the target as a tiff (it will be slightly different than the preview in the app window).

  • Important: Open the image in Photoshop and keep as untagged RGB.

    • Go to Image-> Image Size… (cmd+option+i).

    • Change the dimension to 8.25 at 180 or 360 dpi with the interpolation mode set to nearest neighbor.

  • Save the image (with no color management/no embedded ICC profile)

  • Open in PrintTool and print with these settings:

    • No color management

    • QTR calibration mode

    • Calibration Mode Ink Limit: 100