QuadToneProfiler-QuickCurve-DN v1.2 screenshot.png

QuadToneProfiler-QuickCurve for Digital Negatives

Version 1.3

September 30, 2018

This update contains important bug fixes to solve crashes after loading bad measurement data in the linearization module. 

New Features

  • Added support for loading measurement files made with the QTR StepWedgeTool Photoshop plugin

  • Better support for ColorPort measurement files

  • Better support for files made from manually entered measurements

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a problem when selecting folders containing measurement data that can cause crashes with some operating systems. 

  • Fixed crashes from loading unsupported measurement data file

Known Issues

  • Averaging multiple samples from 51-step targets does not work correctly.

    • Use QTR DataTool to average multiple measurements from a 51-step target until a fix is in place.

Version 1.2 Release Notes:

September 22, 2018

New features include:

  • Automatic update options

  • Now includes free demo mode

  • Support for more measurement file formats and patch sizes

    • Support for CGATS, DataTool.txt, QTR-LinearizeData-out.txt, QTR-Stepwedge-Tool.txt, ColorMunki.csv, SpyderPrint.txt files

    • Support for 21, 51, 86, 101, 128, 129, and 256-step grayscale targets

  • Automatic averaging of multiple samples for 21, 51, and 86-step targets

  • Built-in data smoothing options

  • General stability and speed improvements

System and Printer Requirements:

  • MacOS version 10.11+ (El Capitan or later)

  • Epson StylusPro or SureColor Printers with UltraChrome K3 Inksets

    • Supported Printers P600 – P9000, x800-x900

  • QuadToneRIP v2.8

  • Measurement device or flatbed scanner