Compatible with QTR for OS x and the Windows QTRgui

*NEW* QuadToneProfiler Pro for Inkjet Prints

A new easy to use system for creating QuadTone RIP compatible curves with 4-8 shades of gray ink with new features for toning profiles

QuadToneProfiler Pro
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QuadToneProfiler Pro for Digital Negatives

A new easy to use system for creating QuadTone RIP compatible curves with 4-8 shades of gray ink

QuickCurve for Digital Negatives

Self-contained Curve Creation and Linearization for Epson UltraCrhome K3 Printers


QuadToneProfiler — QuickCurve for Digital Negatives 

The most advanced and easiest to use system for making digital negatives with QuadToneRIP and the standard Epson UltraChrome K3 inks.


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Standard Edition

Automated Profiling and
QIDF Creation

Deluxe Edition



Quad Curve Smoothing and Advanced Quad Linearization






QuadTone Profiler — Standard Edition

Custom Ink Calibration Images

  • Tools to create customized Ink Calibration Images with up to 8 inks.
  • Print only the ink positions you want to use in any order you want to print them.
  • Format the Ink Calibration Images for a number of different measurement devices to allow for easy automated chart reading (when used with X-Rite ColorPort or i1 Profiler).
  • Save the custom ink calibration images and reference files for future use and to save time when making custom profiles with other papers.
  • Includes Photoshop actions to edit the ink calibration images for easier measurment in strip mode.

Automated Ink Limit Calculations

  • Graph the native density response of each ink and give better insight into how papers respond to ink differently.
  • Automatically determine the optimal ink limit to produce the best Dmax for that paper
  • Automatically find the ideal ink limit for each gray dilution and evenly distrubute them along the grayscale to allow for more even coverage and better transistions from one ink to the next.

Generate a Custom Ink Calibration Page With the ideal ink limits

  • The ideal ink limits are automatically built into a Second Ink Calibration reference file that can be used in ColorPort or i1 Profiler.
  • Print each ink at different ink limits without multiple printings or editing the standard ink calibration image in Photoshop.

Automatic Cross Over Point Calculations

  • Save time with the ability to paste in a measurement file to graph each ink and automatically interpolate accurate cross over points.
  • No more comparing three patches, jotting down measurements, doing the math by hand (or just guessing at what looks closest).

Automatic Linearization with the Gray Curve Setting

  • Linearization is done with a 21-step correction curve with an extremely accurate reverse lookup and interpolation method that can be smoother than the standard QTR Linearization fucntion.
  • No more Linearization errors that can occure when measurements are too close togehter or appear out of order.

Automatic Quad Ink Descriptor File Generation

  • No need to manually enter the inputs of commands for the ink limits, cross over points, or gray curve settings.
  • Each of the automatically-generated settings are put into a gidf template. Just export and install the profile. QTR will do the rest.

QuadToneProfiler — Deluxe Edition

Smooth and Relinearize your Existing QTR Curves

The Deluxe Edition of QuadToneProfiler includes all the automated profile generation tools in the Standard Edition, plus additional tools to reshape the original curves and linearize with an updated version of my QuadLin system.



  • Smoother overlapping ink curves to reduce banding

  • Use 19 control points to change the shape of the curves

  • Automatically maintain the original total ink load

  • Export a new smoothed .quad file with the press of a button



  • Updated version of my QuadLin tools for better linearization with only 51 steps

  • New 51x averaging tools and workflows for multiple samples from SpyderPrint, ColorPort, or i1 Profiler

  • Options for choosing a linearization target with linear Lab L* or manual density controls with input and output points

  • Additional options for smoothing the original measurement data to correct for measurement device errors

  • Easy to use target output curves and real time previews of the final densities and quad curves

  • Export a linearized .quad file with a single click

System Requirements

  • Windows and macOS compatible

  • This profiling system utilizes Microsoft Excel Macro Enabled Workbooks and works best with Office for Mac 2011

  • A photospecrometer and the free versions of X-Rite ColorPort or i1 Profiler are required for creating and measuring the custom calibration images. (The DataColor SpyderPrint and X-Rite ColorMunki measurement devices are capable of measuring the custom calibration images as well)

  • PrintTool for macOS is required for printing the calibration images

  • Does not currently support color toning partitions profiles

  • QuadSmoothing and QuadLin tools available for up to 10 ink channels

  • Automated profiling tools now available for 10 channel printers (x900, 7000 and 9000 series printers)


One year of free upgrades and email support from the date of purchase 

Support forum and video tutorials coming soon

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