Photoshop Color Lookup Table Correction Curve Tool

A Free Excel-based utility to linearize your printer's output with Photoshop color lookup tables

 Lab L* values before Photoshop Color Lookup Table Tool Linearity Correction

Easy Linearization for Any Printer and Paper

Linearize your printer's output when printing with Photoshop
Compatible with Epson ABW, Piezography, QuadTone RIP and more

Load the measurement data from a 21-step 5% grayscale target and press the button to create the color lookup table .cube file. Then open the image you want to print in Photoshop and run the included action to create the a new layer with the corrected tonal values. 

This method ensures linear Lab L* densities when used with the same printing environment as used in the lookup table calibration. 



  • Save the downloaded folder to an easy to get to location
  • Open the supplied 21-step grayscale target in Photoshop
  • Define your print settings and save as a preset for that printer and paper to ensure the same settings are used each time
  • Print the target and measure the patches from light to dark 
  • Open the Excel spreadsheet and enable macros when prompted
  • Enter the Lab L* measurements into the measurement data field from light to dark (larger numbers are lighter)
  • Press the button to Export the Photoshop Color Lookup Table (.CUBE file) and note the file path
  • Open you image in Photoshop and convert to gray gamma 2.2
  • Run the action included in the download. You will be prompted to select the 3D Lookup Table (it is saved to the same folder as the spreadsheet tools)
  • When the action is completed you will have a new layer with the adjusted densities to arrive at a linear print
  • Print your image with the same settings that were used to create the lookup table.


  • Macro Enabled Excel spreadsheet with all the linearization formulas, lookup table generation, and measurement data error correction tools.
  • Density to Lab L* conversion tool
  • Photoshop action for easy application to any grayscale image



  • Windows and macOS compatible
  • Microsoft Excel 2011+ to use macro enabled spreadsheets (this is not compatible with other spreadsheet applications)
  • Photoshop CS6 or later to use Color Lookup Table Adjustment Layers
  • Form of measurement device capable of reading Lab L* or Density measurements (Density measurements require additional step to covert to Lab L*)


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